The Science Communication Network (SCN), a private non-profit foundation-supported educational organization, is dedicated to encouraging environmental public health scientists and medical practitioners to contribute to public discussions about their work through the media and thereby elevate the quality and quantity of environmental health reporting.

SCN was launched in response to what scientists themselves have told us would help: media training; tools for outreach that keep reporters, scientists and others informed of new research and other events in the field; and a network of scientists to whom they can turn for support and counsel on media-related issues.

SCN works to:

  • give scientists and other health professionals the media tools to make their work public in a planned manner;
  • ensure that environmental health research is better understood by reporters, so they can report accurately, and ultimately
  • offer reporters a greater pool of experts for interviews, with a variety of new voices from a wider range of fields.

Reporters may contact SCN for access to top experts in the field of environmental public health.